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Kamloops Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Fly fishing is my passion and my obsession, and there is no greater fulfilment in my working life than being able to share this wonderful sport.  I am the owner of Interior Fly Fishing Company, operating fully guided fly fishing trips in Kamloops, British Columbia.  Whether you have never tried fly fishing or are a seasoned angler in search of trophy rainbow trout, I would love to have you in my boat!

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Destination Fly Fishing Travel

There is a world of fly fishing destinations out there for you.  Booking a destination trip can be an intimidating procedure, but it doesn’t have to be.  Hosted destination travel takes the guesswork out of booking a destination trip.  The procedure is simple, I accompany a group of anglers to a fly fishing destination.  Along the way I will advise your flights, what to pack, and exactly what the trip will bring.

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Copy Writing 

I specialize in writing outdoor and fishing specific marketing copy for both digital and print.  Be it for landing pages, social media posts or product descriptions, I love writing outdoor and fishing-related copy.  My time invested in fly fishing and being outdoors allows me to create authentic copy on a diverse range of topics. Marketing copy that is well-structured and engages your reader translates to a much higher conversion rate!

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Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.  For my own business, posting every day is a priority.  On top of this, posting engaging content at the right time daily is imperative to adapting with Instagram and Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms.  Paid Facebook advertising is a low-investment, high-return marketing tool when leveraged properly.  Let me grow your fishing business!

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