Fly Fishing Copywriting

What is Copwriting?

Copywriting is writing text for the purpose of advertising.  Now, this doesn’t mean copywriting has to be cheesy or plastered in keywords.  In fact, effective marketing copy engages readers and seamlessly moves the point across without looking like an advertisement.  Copy is written in the form of landing pages, product descriptions, banner text, media description and more.

Writing fly fishing copy is something I do every single day.  Whether it is a blog entry, social media post or email newsletter.  It wasn’t until I received my first copywriting job that I realized I had been writing fly fishing copy for years.  I strive to write copy from an empathetic standpoint, what makes people tick and keep them engaged?  Readers of fly fishing material can detect a lack of authenticity at a glance, authentic marketing copy sells. 

For a quote or samples of past work, reach me through the form below. 

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