Nothing is Accidental

Over the past year, I have invested countless hours in reading about alignment, universal law, all sorts of things that I rarely share with anyone (let alone the internet).

I became wildly obsessed with paying attention to the way that things pan out, and all the little “coincidences” that take place in life. I only am beginning to understand it on a very small scale, and most of it I just enjoy without trying to figure out the details.

Last month, I was flying from Houston, Texas to Belize City. I was travelling with a close friend and his dad, and the seats we had were in different parts of the plane.

We asked a staff member if there were a chance we could arrange our seating so that we would sit together on the plane, after she spent a few minutes on the computer it was determined that there was not three seats together on this flight.

Far from the end of the world, though it would have been great to have familiar company for the short four hour flight. We boarded the plane, and I sat down in my aisle seat next to a woman and her husband. They were very friendly, we made a bit of small talk as the plane taxied across the runway and eventually took off.

We all slept on and off, and didn’t really say much until about fifteen minutes before the plane touched down. It turned out that they were both doctors from Oregon, and were flying to Belize for work. They asked what I did, and I mentioned I was in the fishing business and that we operate hosted destination fly fishing trips in which a travel host accompanies a group of anglers to a lodge or camp.

The husband mentioned he was also a fly fisherman, and had always wanted to try fishing in Belize. He then mentioned that he would love to catch a Tarpon on a fly rod, and I showed him a short video clip from Southern Costa Rica.

He was amazed, and asked if I could be in touch with him when I’m home. We exchanged info, I took his name and email address on a small piece of paper and folded it into my wallet.

Later that evening, myself and our group for the week visited a few beachfront establishments in San Pedro, Belize. Sitting in a large palapa restaurant called “Fido’s”, I walked down to the dock with a friend and saw a few Tarpon swimming near the dock lights.

As we watched them swim around, I met two gentlemen and a lady that were sitting on the end of the dock.

He asked if we were down here fly fishing, in which we replied we were. One small conversation lead to another, he asked where I lived. I said “British Columbia, Canada” as it is typically a more identifiable answer than “Kamloops”.

He immediately mentioned how his ex-wife had family in Kamloops, and he had always wanted to try fly fishing there. He eagerly gave me his information, saying he would like to book a trip for the upcoming season.

What are the odds, that thousands of kilometres from home I would walk to the end of a dock one night to meet someone who had intention to come fly fishing in Kamloops, BC?

I had two spaces remaining for an upcoming trip to Tarponville Fishing Lodge in Costa Rica. Looking for my debit card one day upon returning home, I came across the shriveled, faded piece of paper with the information of the man I met on the plane.

I had completely forgotten about our exchange of information until this moment, I dropped everything I was doing and promptly reached out to him via email. He graciously responded, saying that he would love to cross catching Tarpon on the fly off of his bucket list this spring in Costa Rica.

He confirmed the next morning that he would be coming on the trip.

At the time, I was curious as to why it would be so difficult for the airline to allow three friends to sit together. Looking back, it was as though someone was saying “I have something much better in store.”

I now find myself paying close attention to all of the small coincidences that take place in day-to-day life, and am beginning to believe that absolutely nothing happens by accident.

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  1. I love these little nudges! Good for you for recognizing them.

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