Taking Immediate Action on your Ideas


Ideas.  You know, the things that pop into your head that you know could create massive change in your life or someone else’s but it just never feels like the right time to act?  Maybe you have an idea while driving home from the grocery store, but it’s far too inconvenient to pull over a write it down.  These ideas become yours for a reason, and the best thing to do is act on them before your brain convinces you to do otherwise.

In the fall of 2017, I was desperately searching for a name for my new business I planned on starting.  I was working for a lodge in the Chilcotin region, and doing my regular Sunday morning routine of putting fuel in the jet boats.  What could I name a fly fishing company based in the Interior of British Columbia?  I got back to basics and muttered the words Interior Fly Fishing Company.  It effortlessly clicked in my mind the first time I said it, that was the name I wanted to use!


I removed my gloves, dug for my freezing cold iPhone and wrote down “I am the owner of Interior Fly Fishing Company in Kamloops, BC.  We offer guided Stillwater fly fishing trips and destination fly fishing travel.”  I then repeated this over and over, so many times that I had drilled it into my subconscious mind and could embody the feeling of owning this company that had not been started yet.  Calling forth things you want as if they’ve already taken place is such a powerful thing.

It was my dream to have my own business in the fly fishing industry for almost a decade.  When I meet somebody and they ask what I do, I recite the same exact thing I wrote down in my phone that October morning.  Our brains love to talk us out of acting upon an idea, as that would mean stepping out of the tiny little comfort zone we spend so much time in.  Next time a great idea pops into your head, commit to taking immediate action on it.  It could just change your life!

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  1. Nice writeup Jordon i like it

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