Stop Blaming Monday


Here we are.  It is 6:00am Monday morning, the time of week that has undoubtedly gained a worse reputation than any other.  There are so many miserable people that enter their miserable routine, head to a miserable job and wallow in their bubble of miserable.

There was a period where I worked a job I really didn’t enjoy whatsoever.  It was robotic, it had nothing to do with my field of expertise, I was also living in a bubble of miserable.  I vividly remember the feeling of dread as I would crawl into bed on Sunday evening.  I knew that 4:45am was going to find me all too quickly, and the countdown to the weekend was on.

So what did I do?  I blamed Monday of course!!  It’s Monday’s fault I’m unhappy, it’s Monday’s fault I don’t get to do something exciting today, it’s Monday’s fault that the person in front of me is making me late for work.  Looking back I realize what a bullshit excuse this was for not being excited about the day ahead.

Eventually I realized that it wasn’t Monday’s fault, it was my fault.  There is no reason not to be excited about Monday mornings, when the alarm sounds at 5am I know it is time to get up and get to work.  All of the emails that get sent over the weekend often get a reply on Mondays, and even if they don’t there is still not a valid reason not to be happy today.

Happiness = Taking inspired action to work harder

Taking inspired action to work harder = More opportunities

More opportunities = More work

More work = More finance

More finance = More options

More options = More excitement

More excitement = Motivation to keep on moving forward

Moving forward = Building the life you want to live

Building the life you want to live = Living the life you want to live

Living the life you want to live = Happiness

That is a very simple formula that comes full circle.  Whatever you are doing today, find some way to get excited about it.  Even if you don’t like your job, some people don’t have a job and would love to take over the position you’re in.

Most of all?  Stop blaming Monday and go reap the benefits that it presents.


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