Move Towards What You Love

“I hate my job, but it pays the bills”

“I wish I could do something I like”

“I can’t wait to retire and start enjoying life”

These are all things I personally overheard people say in the past week.  In the grocery store, at the gym, in the library, sometimes we talk about things that are totally in our control as if someone is forcing us to continue doing them.


Just over one year ago, I decided to start my own business.  I didn’t sit down and consider what would make me the most money in the shortest period of time. I didn’t look at what would allow me to retire at 35. I took a good look at what my skills are, what my dreams are and what I love to spend my time doing.  You would be so surprised with the result if you sat down and wrote out the dreams you have for your own life.

Now, your answer for this will be so different and that is totally expected.  I have had an unwavering love for fly fishing for over a decade, and first started working in the fly fishing industry when I was seventeen years old.  What I love to do, and am lucky enough to get paid for, is sharing knowledge I have earned in fly fishing.  Whether it is in a classroom, through writing blogs and tutorials or giving hands-on instruction on the water.  Plain and simple, I absolutely love fly fishing.

What dreams did I have?  To create a life where I can still be a fly fishing guide but be able to sleep in my own bed at night.  To be able to make money travelling to various locations around the world and hosting anglers at fly fishing lodges.  To be able to do what I enjoyed but have the flexibility to spend ample amounts of time with my wife and daughter.  From the time I wrote these dreams down until now, they have all come true.

The point of this article is not for me to share my life story, pretend I’m a life coach or that I’m better than anyone else.  It’s to let you know that if I can do it, you can definitely do it.  I have no college education, I spent more time in my late teens into early twenties than I care to admit chasing girls and waking up with hangovers, but I don’t dwell on what is in the past.

How do you move towards what you love to do, and be able to spend the most amount of time possible doing it?  Get very clear on what you want and don’t let your current circumstances or what anyone has to say about it limit you.  Even people very close to you might not like the idea of you soaring above the level they are at.

What do you really enjoy doing?  If money didn’t matter, what would you love to do for the rest of your life?  Maybe you love horses and would love to open a horseback riding operation, maybe you wish you could be a travel blogger and make a six figure income travelling around the world with nothing but some clothes and a laptop, or maybe you love woodworking and want to make and sell furniture out of your own home for a living?  Teach sky diving, write your own book, make jewellery, be a professional photographer, mattress tester, it doesn’t matter.

Does it seem impossible? There are people out there doing all of those things right now.

Things I Consider Important:

  • Keep things in perspective.  It is not going to happen right now, and it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but each day you move towards what you want is progress.  It really takes a lot to make me upset or frustrated, and remember that when you are laying on your death bed one day this light affliction is not going to matter.

  • Failing is so important.  Just because you fail at something doesn’t mean you’ve lost and should give up, failing at something is an excellent way to determine what does and doesn’t work.

  • Act on your ideas.  How many times have you been driving and thought of something that the world could benefit from?  Write it down.  Don’t forget it.  Sometimes you are one idea away from massive change.

  • Don’t worry about what others are doing.  It is so easy to compare ourselves to other people.  The things they have, the trips they’re going on, the money they’re making.  Remember that at some point they probably took a quantum leap from where they were to where they are now.  There are likely years of hard work, disappointment and failure behind their current success.

Don’t worry about what you aren’t skilled at, become exceedingly good at what you are skilled at.  Work on it, work on it and work on it.  Three years, five years, maybe even ten years down the road you will become so incredible at whatever it is that people will pay good amounts of money in exchange for your knowledge.

Have a great weekend!

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